Temper Tantrums with God and Ah Hah! are collections of Jeannie Boatright’s inspirational, personal testimonies, with corresponding studies that reveal how she discovered the goodness of God and her own identity. Her candid sharing will bring hope and encourage others in their own spiritual journeys.


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 This book is more than a collection of stories. It is a testimony to God’s love, favor, and grace in the best, and the worst of times. Jeannie Boatright is living proof that God is a faithful rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. Her stories of His supernatural intervention in her life will encourage and inspire everyone who reads them.” Lakendra Lewis-Diamond Ministries  In Aha! More Out of the Box Revelations Jeannie Boatright skillfully writes accounts of ordinary-even painful-events of her life and the spiritual lessons learned from them. From the first fascinating story to the last, I was engaged and amazed by her sensitivity to the message her Heavenly Father spoke into her spirit. Using the same technique Christ used in the New Testament, Jeannie teaches eternal truths stemming from these everyday events of her journey. Everyone who reads this book will reap a wealth of spiritual encouragement, inspiration, and godly wisdom.-Delores Fields, Comfort and Encouragement Ministries