About Jeannie


Hi, I’m Jeannie, an ordinary woman who serves an extraordinary God! I am a published author and speaker who has led Bible Studies for over twenty years.

Shortly after my youngest son was born, the Lord showed me in a vision that I was going to speak and write. Since, at that time, the thought of speaking in front of more than three people terrified me, I tossed both the word and vision into my mental trashcan labeled NEVER. Little did I know, that NEVER cans never get emptied. They just sit waiting for God to grow us and equip us before their content gets spilled out.

Before the Lord spilled out the contents of my NEVER can, He would faithfully carry me through home schooling my four children (even after I had become a single mom), suffering through some serious illnesses, ministering to many individuals, teaching home Bible studies, and even leading a single’s ministry.

Along the way, I learned that God truly loved me, that I had incredible value, and that “with God, all things are possible.” The more I understood about God’s perfect love and His truth that brings freedom, the more I wanted to see others know Him personally and walk in their true identies. Eventually, The passion to see people saved, delivered, healed, and restored, overcame my fears, and now I am embracing the vision the Lord showed me all those years ago.

Now that my NEVER can has been relabled I CAN DO ALL THINGS THROUGH CHRIST, I have published two books and am currently working on a third.

The funny thing is, years ago, I thought that all of my life experiences were chapters in my story. Now, I realize that it never was my story. It was always His. My life is His story to shine for His glory.

May the Lord abundantly bless you!


You can contact Jeannie at truthrejoices@gmail.com