A dear friend/ sister called me last week and told me she wanted to fly me to Corpus Christi for Christmas. I was not to tell anyone because she wanted my coming to be a surprise. On my way as “the surprise”I have been surprised a few times myself . Last night I spent the night in Houston because flights to Corpus Christi had been cancelled due to snow….SUPRISE! How often does it snow in Corpus Christi?

I ended up having a wonderful Conversation about the Lord with a Christian shuttle driver. SURPRISE!

When I arrived at the hotel it began to snow…SURPRISE!

After I checked in, I dragged my luggage ( I always load as much as I can in my carry on and extra bag so I can bring more) up a fight of stairs in the snow, only to discover that my room key card didn’t work…SURPRISE!

After dragging my luggage back downstairs I was given another key card and made the trek back up the stairs to my room. Both pieces of luggage are around 30 lbs each, but the second time up the stairs they felt like a hundred, so I was really thankful when I got to my door. Unfortunately, the second key card also did not work…SURPRISE!

I was getting a little teary-eyed at the thought of dragging my luggage up and down the stairs again. It was after midnight, I hadn’t eaten dinner, and I was tired. I thought about leaving my luggage and running to the office and back at lightning speed. I even entertained the thought of throwing it off the balcony. Thankfully, common sense kicked in. As I was dialing the phone number for the hotel, the manager came up the stairs…SURPRISE!

He let me in the room with his pass key and informed me that something was wrong with the system, and I wouldn’t have a working key until the next afternoon. He said he would let me in anytime I needed to get back in my room. Even though I was hungry, I thought it best to just stay put. Although I did stand on the balcony for a while and enjoy the beauty of the falling snow…SURPRISE!

This morning as I was packing my bags, I dropped my phone. Since I am a wee bit careless, I have dropped  my phone many times, and it has always survived. I was sitting on the floor so it only fell about 12 inches, but when it hit on its side flashes of colorful lines appeared on the screen. I could still hear the voice on the other end, but alas, my phone is no more…SURPRISE!

Today’s shuttle ride back to the airport was my most eventful yet. The driver offered to move to Corpus and just about proposed to me. I decided it would be best NOT to give him my business card…SURPRISE!

The last 24 hours reminds me how life is full of surprises-some good-some not so good. It also reminds me that no matter what may come my way, I can always depend on the goodness of God. His love and care carries me through the surprises in life. And that is no surprise!

I should be boarding in an hour. I am excited about the surprises in store on the next leg of my journey!

May the Lord abundantly bless you!